You get me!

I love to check the boxes, fill in the little bubbles, circle the numbers or letters. I love to compile the answers and read the definition of who I am.

You are an INFJ, an introvert, a melancholic sanguine, an emotional eater, an authoritative parent.

Your spiritual gifts are discernment, teaching, exhortation, and you don’t even register on the hospitality column. *I am working on this. *

Your love language is acts of service, you are an apple-shaped endomorph, and you are a sensitive and caring lover. Ok, I never actually took that quiz but I’m sure it’s true.  That about sums me up. Good to know. 

I suppose I like them because they unite me with a tribe. I belong to this group. There are others out there and they do it this way too.

Some people don’t like to be classified by a questionnaire and I get that too. But I enjoy reading the blurb at the end that tells you things that you already knew about yourself. Instead of it making me feel less unique, I feel connected, understood.

It’s so important to feel a connection to others. When I find a person who shares my likes, my point of view, or my taste in British television series, I feel instant community. Ahhh, you get me.

keyboardI think that’s why the blog world has been so inspiring. Everyone has a voice and they are all unique but some are speaking my heart. They make me laugh, or tear up. Their stories leave me reaching out to console them or cheer them on. They make me want to bake things and organize my sock drawers, or the weight of their words sends me to my knees.  They inspire trips to desolate places, hope of the  good news we have, and the voice to make changes in this world. They are putting words to those thoughts, convictions, and struggles I have and are expressing them in ways individual and beautiful and uniquely inspired by their God.

Don’t worry, I’m not going all polytheistic on you. I do believe in one God, Jesus Christ.

However, because we have relationships with him in intimate and personal ways, that communication will be diverse. So you may say it and I may say it but it will resonate in different tones and pitch. And what a glorious way to be able to celebrate that we belong.

That we are members of this tribe.

That even though you may say it different, I get you. 


Here are a few links (there are so many more) to posts that have really gotten me. Maybe they’ll get you too.

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  1. Love your site here, Alia, and your words, uniting us toward the beauty of what we each have to give, what we each offer up through these eyes and hearts He gives. Thank you so much!

  2. love this post! glad i’m not the only one who gets unreasonably excited to take a personality test 🙂 AND i have a handful of posts by The Gypsy Mama saved in my email to go back to and read over and over again when I need to feel like someone understands what I’m going through!

    • Crystal, You like them too! Ahhh, kindred spirit, and I stockpile good blog posts and reread them like devotionals when I really need to feel connected and understood.

  3. New to your blog and LOVE THIS POST! Most of what you just said here, I have thought in the past few days and I’m with you…….I enjoy taking personality tests. Sounds like we are much the same……LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  5. Alia,

    Love this… I am one of those people who cowers at personality type tests because I can only see my flaws… so thank you. Just thank you!! Because there are people who get me… and I belong!!!


    • Yes, you do. We all have a place and it’s such a refreshing feeling to know that. We are created for community and in that we find those who get us. Don’t cower, God made you very special and we all have beautiful qualities to share with each other.

  6. I was reading your “about me” part and after almost every single thing I thought “Wow, just like me!”… and then I saw you’re INFJ – what are the odds! 🙂 So am I!

    Anyway, definitely subscribing 🙂


    • I know there are a lot of writers that are INFJ’s which is so interesting because in the average population they are really rare. Don’t you just love when you find people who you relate to. Thanks so much for stopping by, leaving a comment, and connecting. This was an archived post, so I had to go back and find it to reply. I’m glad I did! Looking forward to getting to know you too since you’re obviously awesome! 😉