Hello Mornings, You stink. Sincerely, Alia

I just got back from a mini vacation with my family and did not write at all. But this post has been in the back of my mind as I’ve seen the twitter stream fill with Hello Mornings devotees, committed to rising early and setting that time aside for God. I will be honest and say that shortly after this post from my archives, I failed miserably at the Hello Mornings and the only time I was up early was when I hadn’t yet gone to bed. So, I’ve been reconsidering this and thinking about giving it another go. What do you think? Can a dyed in the wool night owl really make the big switch? Any tips for this lover of the silent hours?

I am not a morning person. I have an aversion to waking when it’s still dark outside. I’m like some nocturnal creature that burrows deep into the covers and nests in the pillows. By morning, I have made a comfy little spot for myself, all warm and toasty.  I find the time it takes to get school started with my kids keeps getting later and later because mommy needs to sit and hold her coffee cup and everyone just needs to leave her alone and make no sudden moves until that caffeine takes effect.

coffee photo by C C-K flickr

Why is morning so evil? Ummm, because I stay up way too late. I have claimed the time at night as my own. It’s my precious. After the kids are in bed, I fight going to bed like a cranky toddler. It’s my “me” time.  I write posts, work out home school lessons, sew, read, clean. It’s quiet and no one requires anything of me. I’m sapped after a long day homeschooling, cooking dinner, cleaning up the house, and constant interaction with the kids.

I don’t usually study my bible, pray, exercise, or spend time with the Lord at night because I just want to decompress. He’s gotten nudged out of my schedule. And even the things I do enjoy doing I’m often too tired for so it usually boils down to Pinterest, Facebook, reading blogs, or writing posts. I force wakefulness until I finally relent and fall asleep only to be intruded on in the morning.

I have had the conviction to get up and establish a morning routine but that alarm clock has a very convenient snooze/off button and I can accurately push it without even opening my eyes. I know I need to do  it but parting with my night-time has been a very difficult thing to do.

We are more likely to impact our families with a morning on our knees than a late night on the ‘net.    Kat- Inspired to Action

Hello Mornings Challenge

So I joined the challenge. I made nice with my alarm clock. I resisted the snooze button and it was awe inspiring.

No, it was not!

I was groggy all day, I slogged through the study. I had a headache and felt withdrawal symptoms upon leaving my cozy bed.

I read my accountability groups post on their breathtakingly  blessed times with the Lord, their invigorating morning workouts, their renewed zeal for the shepherding of their children’s hearts. And I resisted the urge to post a snarky comment and crawl back into bed. 

Because here is the honest truth for me. I knew it wouldn’t be lovely and wonderful at first or I would have done it all along. My body is in shock reacting to the morning like some foreign thing. My time with God was awkward, like meet and greet at church, mumbling introductions and making small talk, only with eye boogies, wrinkled jammies, and morning breath. 

So why do I say all this? Because the payoff isn’t always immediate and that’s o.k. I know God has called me to be present and intentional for my kids in the morning, to spend time with Him, and to be a better steward of my body. There is no way I can do that with my current schedule. I am committing to this for the long run, not for the immediate benefits which so far amount to a splitting headache, foggy brain, and some possibly incoherent posts as I adjust my writing schedule. If you wake energized and enthusiastic, more power to you! I’m not criticising you if you have been blessed right from the get go. Although, I might think it secretly in my brain early in the morning, just excuse me. I know not what I do before 8 am and coffee.

sunrise by SFB579 flickr

For me, it will be an acquired taste. A retraining of my body and mind and a commitment to persevere for the sake of my convictions, not for the glorious sunrise or euphoric feelings of the sleep deprived. The feeling of my toes hitting the cold floor in search of coffee wouldn’t be worth it if God didn’t promise to come through in the long run. 

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    • Alia Joy says

      I would love to be friends! We morning haters have to stick together. I actually already follow you on twitter from your blog. I’m planning on going to Relevant this year and I saw you do worship. I’m really excited to meet you in real life. Of course by then I will be a reformed night owl and be all bright-eyed and bushy tailed in the morning so I can survive the earlier sessions. :) You too, right? Lol

  1. Sarah says

    Cute, love it! It will pay off. Not every day will feel like it, but consistency is good! I’m working on it too!

  2. Michelle says

    My sentiments exactly! This is my 2nd Hello Mornings challenge & I’m so thankful earlier sunrises are coming. Thanks for posting (=

    • Alia Joy says

      Jacque, You’re welcome and thanks for reading my blog. It is nice to be able to relate to those who are committed to making the changes but are not naturally inclined. Hope you have blessed mornings as well.

  3. says

    I love this… and I’m pretty sure this would be me if I hadn’t been too wimpy to sign up (she wrote at half past midnight). Your challenge is percolating here: “Because the payoff isn’t always immediate and that’s o.k. I know God has called me to be present and intentional for my kids in the morning, to spend time with Him, and to be a better steward of my body.” Thanks.

    • Alia Joy says

      Annie, there’s still time. Even though the challenge is closed you can still do the ebook and/or study. I think everyone should suffer er I mean encourage each other together. :) There are twitter groups at #hellomornings that you can just follow along on. By the way. I love your fish and friends post. So cute. I am not crafty food mom but I bet my littles would love it. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

  4. says

    I’ve always been a morning person, but the older I get it seems like the harder it is to wake up early. Great post! Loved reading your insight from the morning-haters point of view. 😉

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks Hope. I really liked your post on getting real (healthy.) I feel like I got real in my Decluttering posts series but you are a brave woman to put it all out there. I enjoyed reading it.

  5. says

    Great post :) I just joined hello mornings for the first time and thought I’d developed sudden onset migraines after the first day yesterday. Did I mention I’m trying to do this with a 9 week old? le sigh. But we can do it! And I’ll be thanking God for coffee, every step of the way 😉

  6. says

    HAHAHAHA!! “mommy needs to sit and hold her coffee cup and everyone just needs to leave her alone and make no sudden moves until that caffeine takes effect.”
    This sounds exactly like me with my husband in the morning. He’s ready to up and go, and I need at least an hour with a cup of coffee. A ritual that I claim to have started to keep me focused on my morning bible study, but which often gets replaced by my computer and blog-reading, Facebook, or forums on owning and raising Siberian Huskies (what we are getting eventually) or something equally as ridiculous. :)
    I also read your posts on the body and idolatry and really enjoyed the one about working out simply to show off your body and subsequently, tearing down a relationship and adding to your idolatry issues….just in a different way. That the heart issue won’t get resolved with tighter abs.

    • Alia Joy says

      Yes, I knew I liked you as soon as I saw you as soon as I saw your blogs name is a warm cup and has a picture of coffee on it. I am pretty sure coffee is my love language. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :) Good luck with the Siberian Husky raising. They’re so pretty.

  7. says

    Great post! I appreciate your honesty and humor. And your commitment to the Lord and your family to totally rearrange your schedule. Hoping mornings are getting a little easier these days!

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks Aubrey, I am getting there little by little. Lots of strooooooong coffee and putting the kids down earlier so I can still get some quiet time at night has helped.

  8. says

    Okay…I just stumbled across this. AND WOW. That is so me. That is exactly what I do with my ‘me’ times in the evening. I hope you have stuck with it! And I am pretty sure if your heart looks so closely like mine, that perhaps, I can do it too :)


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