Five Minute Friday: Quiet

This weeks word: Quiet

I stand quiet and still as the nurse pushes the small silver scale along looking for a balance that I have never found.

She jots down the number on my chart. Asks me my height, fixes the cuff on my arm and I feel the constriction. The pressure pushing in on me.

I hate doctors appointments. Partly because the role of patient is one I’ve had far too many times in my life.

So I sit patiently.

There is no clock in here. No hands to show how time goes by for those who wait in cold blue paper gowns, crinkling and open wide and exposing. 

And I know that the rap on the door will come and she’ll walk in and sit. Flip open her chart and ask me the questions I’ve avoided all year.

“How are you doing with your depression? What are you doing for exercise? How is your diet going?”Knowing all well that the answers to that and so much more were answered from the first step on that cold metal scale toppling into loss. Sliding right farther and farther.And I know that these struggles have nothing to do with a number, but everything to do with my soul. A spirit still so wounded.

I know that in the quiet the voice that opens my mouth wide is one of self loathing and I bite down hard on those morsels of disdain.  And I swallow hard and let remorse  sink into my pit and swell large and gestate into a full-grown thing that eats away at me.

And I’ve birthed babies from this belly. I’ve grown to  love the scars that dip and flower on my skin, a badge for my burgeoning mother body. But those days are done and now I carry this weight with me, an armor against those looks. That interest from a man. That creeping of eyes over my flesh, feeling vulnerable and childlike, five again, and so frail. This weight speaks volume, shouts in the quiet and keeps me caged. 

And I hear the rap, and the door cracks open, and I know that in this silence, God is calling me to hear Him again. Hear Him and believe.

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    Oh, you have a way with words. My heart stopped at that first line, and I read it over and over, soaking it in. Me too. Thanks for bearing your heart so openly.

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    I flinch every time I’m i the doctor’s office and have to touch all that cold stainless steel on the scales and on the exam table and at the end of his stethoscope. I swear I believe most doctors was their hands in cold water just before they knock on my door, I think they all feel a twinge of excitement when their steel meets my arm or leg or back. They must take a course on aggravating patients with cold steel in med school. Those are cruel snickers from the doctors as they grin when we grimace at the touch.Good post. Memories of the doctor’s office is are not too pleasant. But, hey, I usually get well when I go in. I don;t do those sliding scales, though. I’m usually layered wen I go in so they add pounds Im not reallly. And my nurses always shout out the numbers so loyd the office across the streetr can hear them. No quiet there.
    enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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    Alia Joy…you are beautiful indeed! On the inside AND the outside! Your tender heart shows through your tender eyes (and I know because I’ve seen them in person!) and how can anyone not love you for who you are? Don’t let the eyes of others judge you…trust the eyes of your Father and those who see you through them.

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks Mindy, I wish we had gotten more time to talk and connect at Allume. It all went by so fast! And thanks for your encouragement. It’s been a rough week for me and this Friday community has done me well.

  4. says

    Yours is a beautiful spirit. You remind me so much of myself. I despise the scale. Much of my self esteem issues are related to my weight. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly.

    • Alia Joy says

      Oh Barbie, so sorry you can relate, it really stinks but so glad to know I am not alone. Thanks, friend. That means a lot right now.

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    You write with such vulnerable abandon. I would have never known you struggled with these issues even having roomed with you for a weekend. Personally, I think you are gorgeous, you have the most amazing eyes but aside from looks, you made me feel comfortable and secure in your presence to the tune of a few damns the last day when I was exhausted from the constant chatter of 420 voices at a Christian girls conference. You write to your daughter telling her she’s beautiful in every way, now to discover that for yourself? Well that’s my prayer for you.

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks Rachel. That’s really my prayer for me as well. Sometimes easier said than done in this world and a process God has been walking me through all the days I can remember. I am so glad you felt comfortable, I did too. It worked out really well and I was glad that I could be myself :) I think I write a lot more openly than I talk in real life, simply because who drops all their baggage when you first meet someone? But yeah, it’s there, under the surface and it comes out at weird times, like on doctors scales or shopping trips or Monday mornings…. This life stuff is hard sometimes but God is so good. I know this. Thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot to me, friend.

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    I want to say what Kimberly said. You always wow me with your writing. Today it was moving to get a sense of some of your story – I think I will have to read more of your story – it left me wanting more.

    Praying that God will continue to come into the cracks, and that that will be okay. Much love x

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks Tanya. I really appreciate that and I love the beauty that comes from yours as well. I am always inspired when I see God work in the pain and mess. It’s glorious and broken and it shows just how big He really is without always tying up platitudes and pretending that it’s never rough. If you want more of my story start with this series. and I am continuing to write in in bits and pieces on here.

  7. says

    This is incredibly beautiful and even more so considering you wrote it in 5 minutes. I look forward to connecting with you in April!!


    • Alia Joy says

      Yes Mary! I can’t wait. I feel like it’s such a God thing because there are so many beautiful women there who I have met or never met or want to meet and I know His hand is on this whole thing. We can remedy our not meeting at Allume.

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks Laura. Those paper gowns are so stupid aren’t they? What is the point of them? As if we didn’t feel exposed enough we get a teeny tiny paper towel to put on. lol. Thanks for visiting and I hope you hear Him speak in those places where you need His voice. Blessings to you.

  8. r.elliott says

    Thanks for being real and vulnerable here…Oh those voices of self-loathing and hatred…I fought those for years myself…I pray you can start again to hear His whispers of love for you…how much He cares for you…that He sees you …all of you and He wants you to know His love…blessings to you as HE continues to woo you~

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks so much. That is my prayer, my hope. I want to believe what I know He’s spoken over and in me. Just thank you.

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    O’ Alia Joy, I am with you right now. Arms outstretched. Comforting that child within.
    You, the amazing gift from God who blesses us with your story. Told from the depths of your soul. Unmistakably touching the soul of all others.
    I love that you know your Truth. I love that you know who you really are. I love that you are allowing this recognition. This realization. To unfold in your life.
    Most of all,
    I love you.

    • Alia Joy says

      Paula, you know every time I see your name, I know some amazing encouragement and grace is going to follow. You are a gift friend and I love you right back. Truly.

  10. says

    Oh, Alia……..the healing always starts when admit there’s pain. You are doing a good job listening. Thank you for sharing this with us–May God continue the work He has begun in you!

  11. says

    You brave, brave woman! Alia if I could capture half you vulnerability into my pinky finger.
    Thank you friend and this… just this has me swelling with hope “And I hear the rap, and the door cracks open, and I know that in this silence, God is calling me to hear Him again. Hear Him and believe.” – Thank you friend – and praying hard, kneeling prayers for you today friend as you continue to hear and believe.

    • Alia Joy says

      Tonya, I am just crying as I read through these comments. Really had the worst kind of week, struggling. And this, these encouragements are just His beautiful grace to me. Thanks friend, I couldn’t have asked for better friends to come alongside me when I’m hurting.

    • Alia Joy says

      Thanks Jessica, miss you and that sweet baby girl. Allume feels like a really long time ago, so much has happened.

  12. says

    So lovely, Alia. Others have already commented – but this was more like poetry than prose and so powerfully allows your reader to step into your story and identify with you. Just lovely. I think you must be one brave, amazing and beautiful inside and out woman!

    • Alia Joy says

      Your words mean so much Richelle. Every time I read your posts I sense a warmth and love in your home and think the same thing about you. Plus, you can make donuts. I mean c’mon. 😉

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    Alia, you are such a beautiful writer and it comes from such a beautiful heart! Thank you for being raw: writing from where, I’m sure, it hurts. I wish I had met you at Allume. In fact, we’ve never actually met at all. But I’ve read your blog several times, and I know God has great plans for you! Be encouraged! And keep believing Him! Blessings and love in Christ! ~Jacqui

    • Alia Joy says

      Oh, I wish we had met too! And thanks so much for reading my blog and for introducing yourself this week. I always love to connect with readers and get to know them too. I really appreciate your kind words today and hope you are blessed as well.

  14. says

    I love reading your writing. I love how you find a completely different perspective on this word than anyone else. Being real and unique and awesome is just AWESOME.
    love your heart friend.

    • Alia Joy says

      Ha, your comment made me laugh out loud and brought a big smile to this gals face. Awesome is just awesome! Totally. I am so glad to have connected here and on your blog and twitter. I wish we would’ve had more time at Influence, cause I kind of like you. You’re funny and awesome!

  15. says

    Alia… I’m struggling to find words worthy enough to respond to the words you’ve shared here.
    Thank you for unzipping your heart and allowing us inside. I appreciate your realness and authentic words. Now, more than ever, I can’t wait to share at Jumping Tandem!

    • Alia Joy says

      I read Mary’s comment about Jumping Tandem and got so excited. I really feel like God has lined up an amazing array of women just for me to meet. I know I feel very spoiled with all the beautiful people who I get to hang out with. Cannot wait. And Stefanie, thanks so much for your encouragement, friend. I seriously needed it this week.

    • Alia Joy says

      Your words are the best compliment right now, especially because I often feel rambly and trapped in my own head and emotions. Thank you.

    • Alia Joy says

      Isn’t it? How often do we hear and know and still not really believe? For me, it’s a lot. Thanks for commenting. Blessings to you.

  16. says

    Friend…you just ooze grace. I can’t even describe it. But am going to ponder it awhile…

    thank you for letting me in to this private moment to see what God is capable of. even in me.

    Love and hugs to you, beautiful friend!

    • Alia Joy says

      Nikki, that is seriously the best compliment ever. Maybe because I need so darned much, more than my fare share. 😉 Thanks for being with me in this. I so appreciate all of you guys coming and reading and loving on me every Friday. Yours is a face, I can’t wait to meet, because I feel as though I already know you. So thanks, friend. I just love you.

  17. says

    Hi Alia
    Another WOW for your thoughts. This is my first time at Lisa-Jo’s and am amazed at the beauty of your words. By the way, I am also a coffee junkie!
    Much love to you

    • Alia Joy says

      YAY for coffee! It’s the only way I can even get around to doing Five minute Fridays. I am so glad you joined in this week. I have been doing it since I started blogging about 10 months ago and I have found it to be the most welcoming, gracious, loving people around. Can’t wait to get to know you more. How’d you like your first time?

      • says

        I had a ball of a time, thanks. I kept reading until nearly 01:45 and I was amazed at all the different opinions on only one word. Yes, what a loving bunch of beautiful girls you all are and I cannot wait until next Friday. I also would love to get to know you better. I am a South African lady and loooove visiting my girlfriends.

        • Alia Joy says

          Did you join in for the #fmfparty on twitter? Are you on twitter? I missed this last week, but I’m usually there and that’s a great time to connect as well, before we all write. I stayed up waaaaay too late too. I got home late and the word was already up so I wrote and posted and then I went and visited a bunch and that’s always my favorite part. But I really payed for it this morning.

          • says

            I want to change over to a .com address next week. My son’s friend builds websites and he is going to help me next week. Then I want to connect to twitter and all those other things. To me it is still a bit like Hebrew and Greek. That sweet young man has offered to do it all free of charge!!! I will let you know when everything is in place! In any case, I can’t wait to see my sons next week when we go to Port Elizabeth.
            Blessings to you

  18. says

    Alia, you inspire me. I am so moved by your honesty that proclaims the depth of pain, frustration and defeat and your heart that proclaims He is the God of the hurting, the God who reminds of truth and hope, who proclaims His love for you, beloved. Much love to you, friend.

    • Alia Joy says

      I wouldn’t want it any other way, because when I’m weak ( which is so very often) He is strong. Just reminding myself of that this week, as it’s been a hard one for me. You are a gift, friend. You bless me each and every time I see your little avatar. Can’t wait to connect you with an actual in real life friend. Love to you, and can’t wait till April!!!

  19. says

    Stepping on the scales and letting the numbers tell the story, for you know that whatever you say after those numbers are written down will have to be honest, or it will just be disregarded. The numbers tell a truth that your mouth finds so hard to confess. And yet, the number isn’t the problem, the number isn’t what needs to be solved. The problem is much deeper, and the healing takes time, and there is only one cure, grace.
    I love your writing, thank you for opening yourself to us, your honesty is beautiful.

    • Alia Joy says

      Thank you. It is all of that and more. Finding my path as He leads me in it all and trying to put my trust in His perfect healing. Thanks for visiting here and taking the time to bless me with your words.

  20. says

    {sigh} Oh, Alia. I know, my friend. I KNOW. These bodies that have housed and grown and nurtured precious lives carry battle scars. While those scars are something we can be proud of, they’re also painful and raw. And as if the depression isn’t enough to deal with (again, I know), those blasted silver scales try to dictate our value in the world’s and our own eyes, but never God’s. I don’t like the feeling of letting a piece of metal overrule what God, the ultimate and almighty Creator of the universe, says about me. I’m praying for you, sweet friend.


    • Alia Joy says

      Thank you Jamie! I feel the prayers surrounding me these past few weeks even as I’ve been struggling. So blessed by all you lovely friends and sisters in this place.

    • Alia Joy says

      I don’t know how I missed your comment but I wanted to tell you thank you. I have been reading your blog on my phone and I hate commenting when I’m on it (I blame chubby fingers for making touchscreens a total nightmare) but I wanted to let you know that I am so blessed by your heart. You just shine Jesus, Sarah. Truly. Even in the simple things, or recipes, I sense Him throughout your life. That’s inspiring.

  21. says

    Hi there, I know, hard to lose weight when being attractive is absolutely NOT what I want. You are attractive to Jesus at any external weight for the beauty that lies INSIDE you sweet friend. Much love and prayers. xxxx


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