Book Review: Love Does by Bob Goff and a Giveaway

The Giveaway winner is Paula @ Congratulations and I’ll be contacting you soon.

Before I read Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World, I had heard Bob Goff speak at our church. When I read his bio and saw that he is a lawyer and the Ugandan consul, I prepared myself for a somber hour with a lot of weighty subject matter and some bullet points on how we can and should do more. I thought there might be some slides of the work they are doing in India and Uganda through his non-profit organization Restore International.

Truth be told, I’ve sat through those kinds of sermons, and I tend to get a lot out of them anyway. But if you’re looking for that, this is not the book for you.


This is a guy you want to invite to all of your parties because his love for life, passion, and whimsy are infectious. Even my 11-year-old son sat enthralled by Bob’s stories.

The format for this book consists of life stories and anecdotes interspersed with challenging truths and life changing significance.  The pages fly by in this book as Bob retells each story with both hilarity and purpose. Not only does he tackle serious issues like justice and human trafficking , he also pulls pranks on his friends, travels around the world with his kids to meet foreign dignitaries and officials and makes giant Valentine’s cards that are ill received.

This book was a breath of fresh air for someone who tends to take it all a tad seriously. This book feels like you’re having a cup of coffee with a friend who is sharing their  latest embarrassing story or  inside joke.

It doesn’t feel preachy or push Christianese morality or legalism. He is simply showing what it could look like if people who loved, did. Did care for people, did accept people, did pursue people, did live for God with abandon, did say “yes” and be willing to love the life that God has given us. 

I agree with his premise that love does, it is not stagnant or complacent but inspires action and in turn a reaction.

But in reality, I saw whimsy as something foolish people practice. Those folks in Proverbs always getting in trouble. Bob’s life shows that there is another side to it and as Christians, everything we do is, in a sense, foolishness in this world.

I’m a big believer that love is not a fleeting feeling or infatuation that leaves our hearts palpitating and our lives filled with sunshine and rainbows but rather a commitment displayed through action. I have committed my life to Christ because of His great love for me, and out of that love my actions have changed toward Him and the world around me. Pretty straight forward.

But sometimes my rational side suffocates like a wet blanket soaking out the fun and whimsy that love inspires. And this kind of love can seem constipated and obligatory. More like a chore than a chance.  

My fearful side always has me thinking of the pitfalls. The mileage to arrive at the destination. The cost involved and the financial obstacles. The time it will take. The dream that will never be reached. The chance that I will be rejected.

And yet, I have a very strong idealism and passion that often  jolts me out of that fearful place and causes me to do things like start a blog or travel to a different country or listen and say “yes” to the adventure that God is calling me to. A chance to do, not a chore. 

That’s what I loved most about reading  Love Does. Bob reminds me there is a grand scheme and adventure we are invited to and life is extraordinary when we DO love. 

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  1. Tamrah T says

    There is a lot to learn when we can step out in Faith. It’s then that I’ve found the Lord can show us a bigger picture of life, a life better enjoyed. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. And, I thank you for letting the Lord use your blog to bless my day. I receive your RSS feed. Have a Lord rejoicing day!

  2. says

    And, just did the FB thing, too! Do I get a “free” entry because I already follow you? [Wink.]

    Which reminds me, how did you post yourself on Facebook as a Personal Blog? I’ve not had luck doing that with my blog, and I think my readership would really jump. Can you get back to me on that?

    • Alia Joy says

      Cynthia, absolutely, just leave another comment saying you already subscribe. Also, for the Facebook page, just login as your page and then go to basic information in the settings. Choose website & Blogs for Category and personal blog.

  3. brooke says

    Oh, exciting! I heard him speak when he was at Antioch and loved it. I would love to read a book of his.

  4. Kristi Clubb says

    I love your writing, Alia! Thanks for your vulnerability and beauty. :). I hope I win the book! :)

  5. says

    I first read about Bob Goff in Donald Miller’s book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.” (I have my college freshman read that boo.) :) So I can’t wait to read Bob’s book! Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Rob says

    Wow – is my love constipated and obligatory??……better not ask my husband on a low progesterone day!!! HE might enter FOR me!!!!

  7. Shelly Roy says

    OOO, pick me! Pick me!
    Just finished Kisses From Katie with my sons and am reading Irresistible Revolution…Love does sounds right up my alley!
    I subscribe by email!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Alia Joy says

      Cynthia, Paula won the book this time but stick around, I’ll be offering more chances to win other books throughout the year. Thanks for participating this time around. I would still recommend grabbing a copy to read.


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